Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I am blessed. Neither I nor my kids have any financial hardships. Following the Biblical principle of “owe nothing to anyone” (Romans 13:8) keeps us out of trouble. Lord, “don’t make me too poor or too rich; give me just what I need. If I have too much, I might forget you; if I have too little, I might steal and disgrace Your Name” (Proverbs 30: 8-9).

My kids have found jobs when they looked. Two weeks ago, the Lord answered our prayer (and your prayers) for Hannah when she was hired as a secretary/receptionist at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention office. Not only does she have a job, but we know her work is contributing to the overall efforts of conservative Texas churches in reaching the world for Christ.

I am blessed because I have good kids. Of course, my ultimate goal for each of them is to be holy. We are still working on this. (Really, only God is good – Romans 3: 10-12). People like good kids, but holy kids help change the world and bring God glory. Nevertheless, my kids love their family, they don’t drink or do drugs, they have preserved their physical and moral purity, and they are all active in God’s church.

In our day, I think parents really have to work hard to counter the culture we live in. One of the best things Jan and I did for our family was training them in the lessons we learned through The Institute in Basic Life Principles. Topics covered include Tracing Surface Problems to Root Causes, Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority, Conquering Anger and Bitterness, Overcoming Damaging Habits, Discovering Purpose in Life, Gaining Financial Freedom, Building Godly Relationships, and many more.

Fortunately, this Basic Seminar is now available online for only $10 a month at www.EmbassyInstitute.org. All my kids have attended the training. Still, this past year, we as a family have been going through it again, reminding ourselves of the timeless truths we have learned and seeking to apply them even more. We set aside one evening each week to gather around the computer screen as we listen to the lesson, fill out our workbooks, then discuss the principle afterwards.

In my experience, this is the most practical tool out there to train your sons and daughters to become mighty in Spirit. It can also be used in a church setting or Bible study group. Copy the above link and watch The Basic Seminar - Session 1. It’s free. Then sign up and share it with your family. Be blessed!

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