Monday, April 2, 2018

Hannah's Wedding and Seeing Christy

I said ‘goodbye’ to my granddaughter, Christy, a short time ago.  She’s 8 months old now and precious.  Grandpa had a long repertoire of silly sounds that kept her smiling.  Daddy David and Mommy Andrea are doing a super job of parenting.  I will see Christy again in September when she will be taking her first walks and saying her first words.  

For my other main event of the month, I had the best seat, or spot, in the place, standing slightly in front of and between Hannah on my right, in her wedding dress, and Daniel on my left.  The venue was a large Victorian style indoor gazebo-like circular building located in a Galveston shore park.  My message was about the purpose and nature of marriage.  Daniel and Hannah said their vows, exchanged their rings, and enjoyed the traditional kiss. 
Hannah looked lovely and Daniel looked handsome as the ceremony progressed followed by picture taking, food, games, along with great fellowship among family and friends.  I was especially blessed by the George Ranch volunteers who attended and, among others, said sweet things about Hannah. Hannah and Daniel chose to stay practical and affordable as they honeymooned in Galveston.  (If Jan were here to write this blog, it would be several pages long filled with vivid wedding details that us guys just either miss or can’t see!)

Prior to the wedding, I visited Hannah’s new work place at the Sauer-Beckmann Historical Farm.  While there I met her staff, watched new-born sheep, talked with visitors, and helped pull weeds while Hannah milked the cow.  The next day Daniel, Hannah, and I visited the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream factory while on our way to Galveston.  During the week I also spent quality time with Sara, Jonathan, Martha and Philip.  Three nights ago I had the pleasure of leading the church home-group that David and Andrea lead each week.

Now I’m riding 38,000 feet in the sky over the Pacific ready to resume my ministry on the other side of the globe.  Prayer breakfast, discipleship groups, leadership training, and sermon messages are all on the agenda for the next couple of weeks.  I’ll have to brush away spiderwebs from the back of my desk and sweep the dust off the floor.  There will be emails to respond to and a statistical report to fill out.  I will have friends to call and errands to make.

But it was nice to take a break to see the bluebonnets and smell the sagebrush, to connect with family and talk to friends, and most of all to see Hannah wedded and to hold my beautiful grandbaby.

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