Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Family Update

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my family.  So, if I may, let me fill you in.

Jonathan is now more than one year in his new position at Cisco, Inc., having worked for 2 years in their computer lab before being promoted to their security networking division.  He sits behind a big desk with 4 large monitors, advising clients and assisting them with their technical needs.  Interestingly, the other dozen or so advisors all have bachelors or masters degree.  Jonathan is the youngest on the team, able to sneak in with just an associates degree because of his knowledge and experience.  He continues to share an apartment with 3 other Christian men.

Martha and Philip are nearing the end of their first year of marriage, still very happy and content.  After working for 2 years as an ICU nurse in Dallas, Martha will be leaving her job this month and moving to Virginia to me near Philip’s family.  Martha wants to try pediatric nursing and hopes to work in a local hospital while Philip continues his computer graphics and design work.  

The flooding last month in the Houston area disrupted Hannah’s life for a couple of weeks.  Although the house she shares with a family barely stayed dry, many areas surrounding her did not.  The George Ranch where she works had to do major clean up after the waters receded.  Hannah may be changing jobs soon, but will wait to see what happens before announcing that.  She and Daniel continue to grow in their friendship.

Sara and Hannah spent a 5 day vacation together in and around Boston last week, visiting historical sites and enjoying the autumn colors.  They and Martha took a trip together a couple of weeks ago to Louisiana for a weekend.  Sara is nearing 10 years now at her Neiman Marcus job where she works as a graphic artist on their catalogues and website.  Earlier this year, Sara moved into a house with 2 other Christian ladies.  When I furlough next year in Ft. Worth for a year, Sara plans to stay with me.

David and Andrea’s life is centered around Christy Joy, and for good reason.  She is a beautiful baby (don’t all grandpa’s say that).  Andrea has recently resumed teaching trumpet to high schoolers and David continues his computer programing job at Texas Wesleyan University.  About once a month, Jonathan, Martha, Philip, Hannah, Daniel, and Sara come to David and Andrea’s house for a family fellowship.

Well, I suspect Jan occasionally peeks down from heaven’s window at her children and smiles with pleasure at what she sees.  I know I am pleased, too, at what I see.

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Jan Nash said...

Christy Joy is a beautiful baby girl- know you'll be happy to meet her in person next year. Thanks for the update on all the family. Yes, Jan probably looks down on the family with great joy. Miss my Bob so very much but will join him in our heavenly home eventually.