Saturday, August 5, 2017

Christy Joy

Christy Joy made her appearance into the world on Saturday morning, July 29.  Eight pounds and 21 inches long.  Sara and Andrea’s mother were with David in the delivery room as Andrea labored for several long hours.  Fortunately, Christy made a natural exit and was welcomed into the loving arms of her parents.  

I didn’t get to see pictures of Christy until yesterday morning when I arrived home from a week-long ministry trip where me and several others focused on community development with a kingdom purpose.  We met with 4 groups of community leaders, assisting them in meeting local needs while sharing with them the love of Jesus.

Andrea’s labor was a bit of a drama that lasted over a day as her contractions progressed.  Martha assisted with her nursing skills, but reluctantly had to leave for work before the delivery.  Being on a Saturday, Sara was able to come and help.  But perhaps the biggest story of Christy’s birth was that David survived it!

You see, David is strong in many ways.  He has great character, decisive thinking, a compassionate heart, and a gentle spirit.  But show him a drop of blood and he melts (that’s an exaggeration, of course, but you know the type).  But his squeamish nature with bodily fluids wasn’t going to keep him away from experiencing Christy’s entrance into the world.

David was excited and amazed as Christy’s wet head appeared, followed by the rest of her slippery body.  He stood beside Andrea all the way through.  But when the doctor offered David the chance to cut the cord, David hesitated.  The doctor insisted.  He shouldn’t have.  David did the deed, but immediately felt his knees weaken and his head dizzy.  It took a few moments for him to recover.

But hats off to David for braving the whole event, and especially for Andrea as she bore the pain of childbirth yet expressed gratefulness and joy to all who were there to help.  David and Andrea are now back home with Andrea’s mother staying with them until Andrea has all her strength back.  We welcome you, Christy, into our family with great love and affection, eager to be front row witnesses to the beginning days of your blessed life.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby.

Jan Nash said...

Congratulations, Grandpa! Thrilled to know that the baby has arrived and that all are doing well. When will you be going to see her?