Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Prayer Request

Are any of you old enough to remember week-long church revivals?  My home church in Fort Worth used to have one sometimes two “revivals” every year.  We would begin on a Sunday morning and continue every night until the following Sunday.  Each evening worship service would have special music and an invited speaker who would challenge us to renew our calling to serve the Lord.  An alter call was given at the end of each service for church members and guests to respond to God’s voice.  I remember seeing hundreds respond during the week with renewed commitments to follow the Lord.

As our modern culture got more modern and less godly, revival services became a tradition of the past.  In recent years, some churches have attempted to call God’s people together for a time of renewal.  But instead of one week, the ‘revival’ is reduced to a couple of nights or maybe a weekend.  Even then, members are too busy and usually few attend.  Such is the direction of our culture and the Church.

The Church in the Philippines is no different.  As modern media continues it’s secular indoctrination through TV, movies, internet, music, and other outlets, it seems fewer people care about things that are eternal.  The effect on God’s Church has been severe; no doubt a reflection of God’s response when His people fail to “call on the name of the Lord your God.”  But no matter how strong evil becomes, God will always act on behalf of those whose hearts belong to Him – 1 Chronicles     .

In an effort to do what we can to slow the secular tide, I have planned a 3 day retreat for our church members during the later part of Holy Week, April 12-15.  The IMB will be covering most of the cost (with my famiy chipping in a generous amount).  We have reserved a seaside resort that provides air-conditioned rooms, a large swimming pool, a small children-friendly zoo, and all-you-can-eat meals.  Most of our church members, who are rather poor, have never experienced a place such as this.

During the 3 days, we will have conferences and workshops on topics such as How to Raise a Godly Family, Financial Freedom, Evangelism and Discipleship, Servant-Leadership, and Dealing with Conflicts.  We will have nightly worship that will aim to challenge every participant to put God first in their lives.  More than 200 adults have already signed up.  This will be the largest gathering of our churches in the history of our work in this part of the Philippines.

Please pray for revival!  Pray that every participant will come with an expectation to encounter God, to hear His voice, and to respond in humble obedience.  Pray for the speakers, worship leaders, and other workers, that everything we do will be to God’s glory.  Ask God to bind the enemy from causing disruptions, disorder, or confusion.  Pray that each one will be challenged to return home, eager to be God’s ambassador to their family, school, business, and community.  Thank you for praying.  Lord, Your Kingdom come!

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