Saturday, July 13, 2013

These Summer Days

MK’s (missionary kids) sometimes find themselves in perplexing and humorous situations. Recently, while having dinner with a family from our church, Hannah shared about the first time she encountered whipped cream in a can:

“I was attending a Sunday School fellowship where cake and strawberries were served. At the end of the line, each girl picked up a can of whipped cream and turned it upside down. Whipped cream sprayed out.

In the Philippines, we had to whip our own cream. I had never seen it come out of a can. My turn came, so I grabbed the can, turned it upside down, but nothing came out. I shook it several times. It felt like there was something inside. But nothing came out. I gave up and placed the can back on the table.

As I left the line, I saw the next girl take the same can, turn it upside down, and cover her desert with delicious whipped cream. I was puzzled. Not until later did someone show me how to push the can’s nozzle so the cream would come out.”

Well, I guess my little MK's have learned to do some other things, too. This summer, all of them are either taking college classes on-line (Martha) or working full-time (the others). Plus, they have stayed busy preparing meals for guests, hosting church groups, participating in disaster relief, planting a mini-garden, learning about “essential oils”, and helping take care of children.

Two weeks ago we enjoyed visiting the George Bush Presidential Library and, before that, a Holocaust museum. Last week, Hannah and Martha traveled to Austin, Texas, to participate in a pro-life rally at our state capital. Yesterday, David and I rented a U-Haul truck and moved most of our belongings to his new house. Next weekend, David, Hannah, and Martha will be attending a wedding in South Carolina. But the day before, they plan to do some white-water rafting in the nearby Chattooga River.

But I find it interesting about some of the things they haven’t done. None of them go to parties. None of them date. We have a big TV in the mission house and none of them have ever turned it on. (I have turned it on a few times to watch sports events – a vice my kids fortunately have not inherited.)

So, our special time together continues. I have begun preparations for returning to the Philippines. The Mission Board has purchased my plane ticket for Sept. 12. But until that date, I will continue to treasure these summer days. (A while ago, Hannah brought me some strawberries with some cream cheese and whipped cream on them. Guess she still remembers how to use the can!)

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Jan Nash said...

Don't forget that Christmas in July family picture!

Glad you are enjoying this time with your children.