Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Treasuring the Days

David bought a house today. A real one. Has a roof and everything. Well, I should say that David signed a contract on a house today. Those of you who know about buying a house understand that the transaction won’t be closed for another month or so. But the decision was made today. The plan is for Sara and Jonathan to live in it and pay David a rent (Daddy takes care of Jonathan’s portion) that will help toward the mortgage and bills.

This is the first time we have had a house in the family. No longer will we need to spread out our belongings to those who have been generous to give us closet space. No longer will we need to keep changing our permanent address every couple of years. Now the Moses family will have a place of our own. Quite a milestone.

As for Hannah, she will not be attending Indiana University, but has decided instead to attend the graduate school of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. After examining her resume, they offered her a job as a graduate assistant that will cover her tuition plus some. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Harrisonburg and found an apartment for her to stay in that is near the campus. She will end her job here on Aug. 9 and move back to Virginia on Aug. 12.

Until then, we are enjoying our time as a family. Jonathan is away working at the Baptist summer camp, but will be here on Monday and Tuesdays. Martha is taking on-line summer classes, learning to drive, and joining Hannah in learning about medicinal herbs, compost piles, natural remedies, and organic cleansers. Have you ever heard about whitening your teeth using black activated charcoal? I hadn’t either. But they are doing it. We are also using lots of apple-cider vinegar, baking soda, tea-tree oil, and other concoctions to replace the more toxic, cancer-causing, store-bought household products. Care to try our new vinegar based shampoo?

Speaking of cancer, my latest scan was clear. It’s been 9 years since my original surgery and nearly 5 years since my little recurrence, so the doc says that my prognosis looks pretty good. If I still had any cancer in me, it would have likely shown itself by now. I will still follow-up with occasional radioactive-free sonograms. I still take my glyconutrients and other supplements.

It’s fun to hear the girls laughing in their bedroom, to see them and the boys be responsible with their jobs, and to eavesdrop on their conversations about what God is doing in their lives and what His Word is teaching them. These are days to treasure. They will soon be gone and stored in my warehouse of memories.


Jan Nash said...

Mark, always good to get the updates on you and the family. When you are all together, maybe you should get a "Christmas in June" photo of the family. You have a precious family and they have a remarkable dad. Glad David could buy the house so that you have a place to 'light.' God is great and greatly to be praised!!

Bob and Jan

Mark said...

Thank you, Jan, for your comments. Yep, I think we may try a Christmas in July photo while we are still together. Blessings to you.